The Continuum Offers  Direct Service Programs to Address the Specific Needs of Homeless Oklahomans

In response to the increasing needs of homeless Southwest Oklahomans over the years, the Continuum has grown into a multifaceted service support organization that helps homeless individuals and families find homes and jobs, eat nutritious meals, further their education, and learn basic life skills. In the past year, the Continuum experienced a sharp rise in the number of individuals and families who seek our network of supportive service programs, which encompass two broad categories and are outlined below:

Prevention Services provide a lifeline to homeless men, women and children who are in the midst of an emergency and require immediate relief.

  • Prevention Services provide immediate emergency assistance homeless men, women, and children every day. In addition to providing  food, baby formula, work uniforms, school supplies, and transportation (when required), Prevention services helps connect homeless Southwest Oklahomans with necessary benefits, treatment, shelter, and housing — in some cases, even helping with initial moving, storage, furniture, or utility expenses.
  • Client Advocacy allows us to ensure that clients with mental and physical disabilities who are eligible for SSI or SSDI benefits through the Social Security Administration, are linked to the agencies and resources necessary to secure such benefits and assist in our efforts to transition them to permanent housing.

Housing Programs address housing challenges by providing homeless and low-income individuals with practical skills and supportive homes.

  • Rental Assistance Programs bridges the gap between a client’s meager income and the cost of an affordable apartment through a modest, monthly housing subsidy for up to two years.